How “greening” your property will lower your costs
By Wendy Andelson

ANDELSON+PARTNERS, INC. helps businesses “Go Green,” though a unique approach that reduces waste hauling expenses, encourages recycling, and lowers costs. ANDELSON+PARTNERS works with businesses to take the next steps to Greening the workplace by designing a custom program fit to meet building’s needs. Wendy Andelson, President, works directly with companies to implement either a new recycling program or revitalize an existing, ineffective program to start saving money.

ANDELSON+PARTNERS represents businesses for all of their waste needs – from trash to recycling to reuse. Going Green with ANDELSON+PARTNERS is the first step to achieving corporate sustainability. Fees are based solely on a company’s waste savings.

Going Green has evolved into a constant presence in the way business is conducted today, whether it is a means to lower costs, save money, or even to have an edge over the competition. Sustainability is important to both preserving the environment and improving profitability. To use the vocabulary of the fashion industry, one could say that Green is the new Black. All companies are talking Green; few are successfully Going Green.

Do not ignore a company’s waste when starting a program to go green. An effective recycling program can help satisfy a building’s Green goals and can save thousands of dollars a year. Doing it the right way, a company can recycle up to 85% of its trash and lower disposal costs. Doing it the wrong way, a company will only divert 10-20% of its waste and no money will be saved.

What makes for a successful recycling program? ANDELSON+PARTNERS designs a program specific to a building’s needs. A successful program can easily save anywhere from 40% -60% off the cost of waste removal. ANDELSON+PARTNERS makes an initial assessment of the building by doing an “audit” of the tenant mix, size of tenants, vacancy rate, and number of full floor or multi-floor tenants. The firm then assesses the waste process, waste contract, and bills. In many situations, trash haulers needlessly overcharge and over-service buildings. ANDELSON+PARTNERS designs, implements, educates, and manages the recycling program to ensure success and cost-savings.

  • In most office buildings, 85% of waste is recycled paper, cardboard and beverage containers.

  • Without proper training, these recycling efforts divert less than 10% of a building’s waste.

  • Most recycling programs do not provide ongoing auditing and training for janitorial personnel and tenants, and therefore do not decrease trash costs or reduce the level of service.

    The environment can’t wait.

ANDELSON+PARTNERS, INC. is a consulting firm that represents companies for their environmental and waste needs. ANDELSON+PARTNERS helps businesses reduce their trash costs by finding means to recycle all possible materials. For more information, please call (818) 996-2380 or visit our website,

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